Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bentos to save money.

I have been away for so long.  It's been so busy this past year. Back now to save some money.

Over the summer, I didn't feel like packing lunches.  However, I saw my CC bill and regretted it.  It was getting a bit ridiculous how much money I spend on lunches and it was not helping my waist line.  So I am starting pack my lunches again along with the BB.

I spent some money getting some bento supplies like cookie cutters, boxes, nori punches.  I know I know, shame on me for spending more.  I know they can add up if you are not careful.  So I learned to check on ebay first before getting stuff from other sites.  And collect them over time.  I started this a while ago with just plain old take out boxes and some cookie cutters, and silicone muffin cups (they have so many uses i.e. baking, freeze small portions of things, and use as dividers for lunch, etc.) And I make sure most of my supplies are reusable and have multiple uses to save on long term cost.

I call them bentos or cute lunches.  But really, it is a nice way of putting a variety of stuff together.  When my lunches are not boring, I don't event think about going out to eat.

BB has strawberry jam sammies, veggie sticks, grapes and cheese.  The face was made with seaweed.

Mine is left overs from dinner and grapes.  I also pack my breakfast so I can eat it at work.

P.S. I will take better pics in the future.

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