Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The LLF family went on a weekend trip to the beach this past weekend.  It turned out to be a lot cheaper than I expected.  We left Friday and come home on Monday.  So that gave us 3 nights of dinning out, and 4 days of lunch.  We opted to bring some food and buy some at hte grocers there, as well as dinnig out.  Breakfast is usually cheap, consisting of mostly cereal and milk, and maybe eggs and toast.  Lunch was not expensive and healthy with packed lunch and snacks.  I had expected dinner to be expensive because it usually meant dinning out.  Since we stayed with relatives, the rent was practically none.  I usually buy the host a couple bottles of wine and pay for dinner.

What I didn't expect is that it rain pretty much all weekend so we only went out one afternoon, and eat dinner out once.  We did pay for some take out.  I was quite bummed out about not bing able to go to the beach.  However, being in a new place with new people kept the kiddies entertained and conversation with hosts were very enjoyable.  The staycation ended up being better than expected.

Here is a run down of the expences:
cereal, milk, fruit, veggies, dressing : $20
gas: $50
wine: $25
treating the hosts for lunch: $40
junk food at the beach : $12
dinner at the beach : $48
parking: $7
lunch on the road: $15
total: $214

Of course, dinner would have been cheaper if we got pizza, but I wanted fish and chips.

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