Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 tips on being green and saving money

It surprising how being environmentally friendly can actually save you money and have other benefits as well.  Here is a list of things, and they don't even take that much effort.
  1. save the cold water before showering - when you are running the water to get it warm, use a bucket to save that water.  Use the water for flushing the toilet or doing laundry later 
  2. use a solar charger for your small electronics - very useful especially when there is a power outage
  3. get smart surge protectors - your peripherals will turn off as well as your main item
  4. compost and recycle to keep trash minimal
  5. if there is trash, use grocery bags as trash bags - you take out trash more often, so less smelly things in the house too
  6. use vinegar or baking soda for cleaning, these 2 will clean about 90% of things in the household, cost pennies, and safe for kids and pets
  7. use the speed wash cycle and half the recommended amount of soap on most clothes - most clothes are usually not very dirty, especially for being the office
  8. leave the lawn clippings on the ground instead of bagging them, this actually helps the grass keep moisture, just mow to make sure the grass doesn't get too high so the clippings are short, and use a push mower
  9. save the AC run off and rain water in the summer for watering the lawn/garden on dry days
  10. use cloth gift bag for gifts to family member/close friends that you give to annually, you can re-use it or  for them to keep, you can put their names on it or leave it plain.  This may sound weird at first, but they don't keep the normal wrapping paper anyways.  very useful for giving gifts to kids every year.  These are also easy DIY.

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  1. Theses are great tips- very unique and not the usual run of the mill eco friendly save money stuff :)


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