Monday, May 16, 2011

Price vs. quality

When I was younger, I always thought that buying expensive things were stupid, unless there's no way around it.  I always ask my parents why would they spend so much on stuff.  However, I have learn that less expensive does not always mean you save money.  At the same time, expensive does not mean wasting money.  It all depends on quality and usability. 

Less take shoes.  I used to buy lots of shoes.  I like shoes.  I have a bunch that I thought would look nice.  They are not very expensive.  So I bought some every time I see a sale.  Are they quality?  Some.  Are they useful?  Some.  Are they both?  Only a very few pairs.  So I find myself only wearing a few pairs that are comfortable and good quality regardless of what they cost (some are $20 some are $80).  The rest, even though they are not expensive, ends up taking up space.  Same thing with clothes, electronics, and everything else.  The things I used most did not matter the cost to get them, but the usability.

In the end, I realized that my parents spend a little more on what they will use more often, which cost less per use than something that either doesn't last or doesn't get used because it was not good.  I am not advocating on buying things that are expensive because the reputed quality, nor am I recommending paying the first price you see.  But I now see that value of comfort, reliability, usefulness needs to be evaluated in addition to the cost of the goods.  All of those divided by the cost is the true value of the item.

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  1. I agree- though some people take it to the extreme and feel that buying HIGH quality stuff is justifiable because they are 'investments'

    (case in point expensive purses).


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