Monday, June 13, 2011

Salon service for 1/2 the price

I usually only get my hair cut 2-3 times a year.  Most of the time I get a style that I can grow out for a little while without it looking ragged.  Going to a Hair Cuttery is okay.  The price isn't very expensive, but the quality of the cut is hit or miss.  Going to a nice salon will cost me $40+.   The quality is much nicer even if it's sort of a miss.

My solution to this is to go to a beauty school where they offer discount cuts by students.  I can usually get a nice hair cut for less than $20.  The student is monitored by a professional who will look over their work once they are done.  Often times, the professional will fix anything they think is not quite there.  So that means you will get a cut that is same as the professional service you get from a salon, for a student price.

The only down side is that it take some time for the student to cut your hair.  They tend to be very timid about cutting too much or too fast.  So they take their time to make sure the cuts are right.  The shorter the hair style, the longer they take to cut your hair. So if you have a little time to spare, give the student a try.  You'll be surprised at the money you can save for a great hair cut.

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