Friday, June 3, 2011

small sacrifices add up

I have been lazy lately and don't really want pack my lunch in the morning.  I have also wanted to get ice coffee or blended drinks every day.  Does warm weather make people lazy?  It seems to make me that way.  So I have been telling myself to stop every I wanted to buy something. 

I told myself that I will not buy anymore clothes unless I need it.  And when I meant need, it's not want.  It's I don't have anything at all to cover my body so I can be decent in a public place.  So I have been good for the last month about buying anything clothing related.  But now it's food.

I have to constantly remind myself that it's the $2-$7 purchases that add up to $200 - $300 of necessary spending.  If I spend $2 on coffee everyday when I am at work that's $45 for the month(2x22days).  Also, $7 on lunch is $154.  Which is $2340 per year. Which is That's on the cheaper end.  If I am not vigilant about the small purchases, the money will just drip away like a leaky faucet. 

Sometimes you have to treat yourself, and budgeting that in will keep you from forsaking it altogether.  Like a cheap day on a diet. So I tell myself everyday, OK we can budget for buying lunch once a week.  Coffee, nothing more than $2 a week.  $10/week is about $520/year.  That's much better than $2300+/year.  What will I do with extra $1800+? It's a nice problem to have. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

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