Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spending addiction

I know spending can be an addiction.  I have experienced it myself.  I didn't realize it until recently that when I went into a store I always feel like I have to come out with something.  There are a few reason why I would go into a store:
a) someone needs something
b) someone wants something
c) I am stressed about something
d) I had nothing else to do and/or want to procrastinate on something I don't want to do so I tagged along with someone else.

While both a and b are very valid reasons to go to the store, they still present a horrible excuse to over and/or unnecessarily spend money.  Why?  Because I always feel like I need to buy something.  Even if the store did not have was I was looking for to satisfy reason a or b.  I always feel like "since I am here, I should get something" or "wow, this is on sale, I should get it", or "this would be good to have" regardless if I or someone else need it or not.  Sometimes I return the stuff I bought, some times not.  The return trip will always bring on more buying.  I also spend a ton of time just browsing, because I wanted to buy something.

This is spending addiction.  At least to me it is.   Since I had made up my mind to reduce my spending, I started thinking about when, what, how and whys of my shopping habits.  That's when I started questioning this feeling of the urge to linger in the store when it didn't have the things I was looking for.  It was a strange revelation that I was lingering in the store so I can find something to buy.  WTF?  I think it's not just stores, but online shopping too, which can secretly creep up on you since you do have to out anywhere.

Realizing this, I decide that I need to break the habit.  I don't mean taking a vow to not buy anything or cut up my cards.  I mean tracking my spending on a spread sheet, then analysis compare it every month.  Then make a game of trying to beat the last month by reducing a small amount $10-$20.  Also, I budgeted in some free spending money that rolls over every month to satisfy some splurge urges.  Next time, I'll post about my progess.

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