Friday, July 8, 2011

5 basic wardrobe pieces worth splurging on

In my effort to sort out my closet, I took a look at what I wear the most, which is work clothes.  I work in a business causal and sometimes business attire environment so I have some flexibility.  I find these pieces to be stables and can fit both formal and causal work environments, so I think they are worth spending a little extra.  

Trousers - a couple of pairs of trousers in black and gray are essential.  I would leave brown or tan to slacks.  These will have to work with the blazer, which I will talk about.  It would be nice to get machine washable wool, so you don't spend a ton on dry cleaning.  A good fitting pair of trousers will can also be a part of of night out outfit.

Pencil Skirt - I would also get one or two pencil skirts in gray or black.  One of them should be the same material as your trouser and blazer.

Blazer - One good blazer will take your trousers or pencil skirt from business casual to business attire.  Make sure that it's the same material as one of your skirts and trousers - this way you have 2 suits without buying 2 suits.  A single breasted, one or two button blazer, with minimal hardware details will stand the test of time.  Make sure to have the sleeves hemmed.

Coat - Depending on you local climate, you will want a coat with the right weight.  A good coat will  last you a long time so be sure to  get one in a classic cut and color.

Bag - Same as the coat.  Better to spend a little more and get more year out of the bag then spend less and having to get a new one every year.

They don't have to be a designer label or be very expensive.  Usually, places like the Limited, BR, J. Crew, Ann Taylor have sales that can get you at least first 3 of these for less than $500 total.  Of course, this list to taking into account that you don't our grow the size of these clothes.  More reason to stay in shape. =)

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