Monday, July 25, 2011

planning for retirement - part 1

I was reading RB40's post about $1million not being enough for retirement.  I got to thinking, what if that was enough?  Where and how would I live if that was what I had?  Maybe I sure plan for that.  Let's take a look at what retirement would be like in about 25 yrs:

1) kids would be out of the house - I really hope so!!!
2) house would be paid off and downsized
3) investment/rentals would be paid off or sold - hopefully paid off so it just generates some income
4) cars - will probably only need 1 and would be paid off
5) smaller house = smaller utility expenses
6) health and other insurance will rise
7) food cost will be the same per person, but only 2 people in the household.
8) more money spent on hobbies
9 taxes will still be about the same

Over all, the expense is dramatically lower in 25 years than now.  So if I am in the habit of living frugally will $1 million be enough? If I get 1% interest like the current saving rate, that's $10k /yr, and $600 after tax.  My rentals/investments will have to generate additional 2-3x that for me to live where I am living currently, which is a pretty expensive area.  However, if I am living in a lower cost of living area, my rentals will only have generate another $600 net for me to live well.  So the aim should probably to pay off all debt first, which include mortgages of personal use and investment.  Then comes savings.  And I should choose a lifestyle that will fit my then earnings, and not my earns to chase after a life style.  But isn't that what we started with anyways with frugal living?

P.S. I am also not counting Social Security because 1) I don't know if I will get to see it 2) if I do, it would just be travel money.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! If I was 60, then I'd say 1M is enough, but I'm under 40. That million will have to last much longer!


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