Monday, July 11, 2011

wardrobe pieces to save money on

My last post was about items to splurge on.  Here is a list of item that I would spend less on, but still make my wardrobe updated and fun.  These items will and should not cost a more than $50 a piece(usually 20).

blouses - this includes dress shirt, short or long sleeves, any top that is not a tee shirt.  Keep it colorful or basic.  These will change your trouser or skirt and make it for the office or night out on the town.  These you can update once or twice a year to keep your colors and designs current.

cardigan sets - just one or two is great form office to PTA meeting to afternoon tea.  Also the cardigan can be used separately for your dresses

dresses - a nice cotton sheath dress will also go office to PTA meeting to afternoon tea pair with a cardigan, a drapier dress can be office appropriate with a blazer, or night out with a shaw/wrap.  Target's Merona brand has surprisingly good quality dresses for around $30 (just have to make sure they fit is correct) Just be sure the length is appropriate for age and setting.

slacks/jeans-  These are great for every day wear.  Just one or 2 will get you a long way.  Plain front and slight boot cut is the most flattering on every body type.

Tee and tanks - these can the most fun, go for a couple of glam ones to dress up your jeans or layer under blazer for a edgier office look. 

skirts - these are fun to have, and one or 2 will get you a long way in maxing up your looks for both work and weekend wear.  Again, be sure the length is appropriate for age and setting.

accessories - jewelry don't have to expensive to look nice.  Scarves and hats will change up you outfit quite a bit.

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