Friday, July 1, 2011

budgetting for leeches

This is a continuation of the previous post  regarding the friend, the friend's significant other, and the friend's SO's financial habits.

The friend's SO had children from a previous marriage that will hit up the SO for money.  Large sums of money for things they can't afford, but want or feel like they need.  When these children's demands come around, they really throw a wrench in the new and responsible financial plans that the SO is trying to follow.  My friend was fuming at the fact the SO cannot change his way of saying yes too often to these children, or teach them to be more responsible.

So I suggested to her that maybe he should budget for their leeching.  They both know that these children will come around from time to time.  They also know that the SO has a hard time saying no to the kids.  Well, why not set aside some money for them? This way, the SO can say yes to them, but does not ruin the personal plan for other things.  When these accounts run dry, the SO can tell them so.  Maybe over time, the SO can learn to say no or at lease prioritize the yeses.

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