Wednesday, July 27, 2011

all you have to do is ask

While I was poking around the giant online store that is yesterday, I looked at what I bought for my mom last week.  Holy crap-o-la!  The item I bought just went down in price.  I was a bit annoyed.  It had only been 5 days and the price dropped $8+ dollars. I know, this is penny pinching at its best.  I got annoyed over $8.  But it's only been 5 days. 

So I called  I asked the person if they will honor the new lower price and give me the difference.  They said yes so I got the money back.  yay!!!

Then, I figure I give another company a call like that as well.  We got some LEGOs a few weeks back.  While we thought we got the free shipping promo, there was a $17 shipping charge on the invoice.  I called LEGO and asked.  They clarified there because there was another promo on the order the free shipping for bumped, but they will credit me this time because of the confusion.  2 for 2.

Recently, we got some work done for the house.  When we called Costco for the quote, it took them 2 weeks return the call.  By then, their promo was over.  We got a quote with a different promo, which was not as big a discount.  However, I asked if we could get the 1st promo since we did call while it was going on, and not our fault that the call was returned too late.  I was expecting just one promotion being honored, but they decided to give us both promotions.  3 for 3.

Some times, it doesn't hurt to just ask.  The worst is the answer being NO, which is not really a big deal if you don't EXPECT to get it. 

Now, I will go ask the powers-that-be to give me that $74million Mega Millions jackpot ticket.

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