Wednesday, July 27, 2011

job vs job

I have been looking for a job close to home for a long time.  Nothing has ever popped up where it would be close to home, and I mean less than 30mins commute by car.  At least not for what I do, which is in the graphics arts area.  I have job that I like.  The pay is good.  The only thing is the commute is longer than I would like, especially for having kiddies.  I spend about 1hr each way on the train.  Driving is not really an option. 

I didn't want to leave my old job, but they were moving to an area that would mean 2hrs commute each way.  My current job has a slight shorter commute than my old job, but better promotion potential.  I was grateful that I found my current job before my old job was moved.  Since I got my current job almost a year ago, I stopped really looking. I still get the email for the search results and read them occasionally. 

What did I get  in my inbox yesterday?  A search result that has a job opening 10mins drive from my house.  OMG, I want to on apply.  So why am I hesitating? 
1. Well, the job is not what I am currently doing exactly.  It is what I was doing 7 years ago and I am not sure if want to go back to doing that.
2. Salary wise, I am almost topped out at what they are offering for salary, while I am still go up 10-20% were I am now.
3. I know spending time with family is important, and should be important.  BUT, do I want to be doing this job when my kids are in school? in 5 years, 10 years?
4.  the time I spend commuting, I get to enjoy a little quite time.  I read or watch TV episode on my media player.  I feel like if I were close to home, I'd spend all my time with my kids and go crazy not having some self time, which is what happens on the weekends.
5.  The pension system is that I get an average of my highest paid few years.  I wold have better retirement if I stayed where I am.
6.  I don't want to look like an @$$ if I only stayed less than a year at a place where they really like having me around to go to do some job that I am not sure I want to do.

Reasons I should:
1) 2 hrs more with my family - the list should really just end here with me applying to the job.
2) with the money I am saving on transportation it would not seem so bad without the high salary increase, at first.
3) we are already comfortable with our current income without the salary increase, inflation might change that soon

In the end, I feel like I am being selfish if I don't apply, regardless if I can get the job or not.

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