Friday, July 15, 2011

sugarbabies: the new gold diggers

I was flipping channel last night when I stumbled upon MTV's Real Life: Sugar babies.  The show followed 3 people as they try to catch a sugar daddy or sugar mommy to fund their expensive life style that they can't afford.  All three are around 21 or 22 and fairly attractive.  All three want things that they don't have money for.  All three said they think it's awesome if they can get someone to buy them stuff.

It seems like these people are chasing life styles  they can't have.  One girl wants a singing career, but have not been very successful so need some funding to continue her pursuit.  The other girl like jet setting, partying, dinning and shopping at expensive places, things.  The guy moved to a affluent area and wants to keep up with the Joneses while working as an entry computing job.  They all want these things, but don't want to work for them.

As I started watching the show, I thought to myself "WTF? This is like prostitution!"  The girls said they don't want the relationship to get sexual.  Really?  Some guy will just pay for everything for you because they want to hangout with you?  Even if the guy doesn't say he wants that on the first date - one actually said he expects it at some point -  all of them may just want that eventually.  I would think even the cougar will want it eventually.  These young people are in it for the money.  Trading companionship for money or material things.  Isn't that prostitution?  How is this different from the high priced escorts?  Well, the life style that these young people want but not to have to earn it, they are working for it but they just don't know it.

Maybe I am just jealous that I can't get off my moral high horse and see that this is a good way to get stuff?  This seems like a slippery slope kind of life. 

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  1. Keep riding that horse!

    ....and let me step right up on my moral soap box and say....this is an excellent example of what this world has become. Because of parents NOT parenting their children. BUYING everything to make up for the quality family time they DON'T spend with their children.
    Sorry honey, no time to teach you right or wrong, morals & ethics. No time for YOU, my child, because we're so flippin' busy trying to keep up with the Jonses.

    I am generalizing here....I know that not everyone is like this. However, when people have this kind of trash thrust into their faces on a daily basis, the shock of it fades and it becomes 'normal life'.

    This is what the children/tweens/teens are seeing/watching. This is what adults are 'into' for entertainment.

    It's basically appalling, degrading, demoralizing, etc.

    This is just my opinion and I'm in no way claiming that I'm perfect ...far from it... just wanted to express my opinion.


    PS came here via Budgets are Sexy


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