Monday, July 18, 2011

cellphone plans are ridiculous

Recently,  I took a look at my cellphone bill.  What a shocker.  I was on a very old plan that I shared with my mom.  The cost of the plan is a little ridiculous consider in that neither of us has a smart phone and I only recently started to use texting - yes, I lived under a rock for several years.  This plan wasn't the most expensive, but with all the surcharge BS, it's expensive for the amount of talk you can do without overage charges.  These giant telecom companies are just legalized robbers, IMO. 

I poked around a bit and discovered that some of the pay-in-advance or pay-as-you-go plans are much much cheaper than signing the 2 yr contracts, even if you have to buy your own phone.  I guess these no contract plans don't have the latest and the greatest phones, but does anyone need the latest and the greatest?  I am guessing that most PF focused people with think not.

But what about the coverage?  Most of the no-contract cellphone companies are own by one of the big telecom networks.  So the coverage of the no-contracts use the network of the biggies.

The only down side I can see is that most no-contracts' unlimited plans are just as expensive as the contract plans, and the minutes plans don't have free nights and weekends or free mobile to mobile - every minute counts.  My answer to that: Google Voice!   I love this little free call forwarding service.  I am contemplating on porting my current number to Google Voice, which is $20.  After that I can just make sure to set up my forwarding, with the time and phone # presets.  Also, this way I can use any cellphone company and not have to worry about a new number.

PS.  I think Google maybe become SkyNet when it becomes self aware. =)

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